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WELCOME TO the OA & BCIG Community School Districts      

Welcome to the Odebolt-Arthur & Battle Creek-Ida Grove Schools. We are proud to provide you with information regarding our schools and district. Though our newly redesigned website remains under construction, we are confident that as you visit our organization through these web pages that you will find OA&BCIG to be committed to providing students with outstanding educational programs in an exceptional environment.

OA&BCIG Schools are two districts involved in a Whole-Grade Sharing agreement with a total student population of approximately 1,000 students. The two districts share a high school that has all of the 9-12 grade students attending high school in Ida Grove and all of the two districts 6-8 grade students attending school in Odebolt. In addition, there are two PK-5 Elementary Schools, one in Ida Grove and one in Odebolt. The 259 square mile combined district area is comprised of four communities, home to over 6,000 citizens and is ideally suited to those interested in outdoor activities and rural community life. Home to several large manufacturers, our districts consists of small, rural communities in Northwest Iowa; an area rich in agricultural history and great natural beauty.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about our school districts. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I can be reached at nouellette@oabcig.org or by phone at 712.364.2255 or 712.668.2289.

Thank you,

Dr. Nick Ouellette
Superintendent of Schools
Odebolt-Arthur Community School District
Battle Creek-Ida Grove Community School District


The BCIG PTP would like to thank all the parents, teachers and community volunteers that helped make BCIG Elementary's Family Fun Night 2015 a success!  Thank you to all the parents and families that attended the Mouse and the Motorcyle event at the school - we hope you had a mouse-of-a-good time!  Thank you to the following organizations who also helped make our event successful:  Ida County Extension Office, Ida County Conservation Center, OA-BCIG High School Science, TAG, and Child Development classes, Brian Christiansen from Ida County Cattleman, and Food Pride.

In December the students at BCIG Elementary received a special present from the BCIG PTP, The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Clearly.  During the months of January and February, students read the story with their families.  Each week at school we had questions posted about the chapters so the students could talk about the story with the classmates.  On Tuesday, February 17th we celebrated the culmination of the reading the book by having a Family Fun Night.  Students were able to go to different "mouse-related" centers and enjoy a fun night with their families.  Centers they enjoyed were: Zumba, Conservation Science Center, Healthy Snacks center by the Extension Service, Science center by Mrs. Maass and the high school students, musical chairs, reading center, technology center, photo booth, arts and crafts center, mouse maze.  Free supper was provided by the Ida County Cattleman and the PTP.  


In the event that there would be a late start on a Wednesday due to weather conditions, there would no longer be a 2:00 dismissal for professional development.  Instead the schools would run a late start schedule and students would remain at school until 3:29.


Cost:  $350/student   First session begins February 27 @ 6:00 p.m. Registration can be done at either the middle school or high school offices.  Sessions have a limit of 32 students.
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Oa-bcig Wins $25,000 Grant from "Celebrate My drive"

After several teenage driving fatalities in the area last year, one Siouxland school rallied to help their community drive a little safer. Students at OA-BCIG High School in Ida Grove, Iowa, got a big reward for their months of work to the tune of $25,000. "It was good to kind of get a group of kids together and show some leadership. They all tagged in too, so it was good to work together as a group," Cash Wilcke, OA-BCIG Senior said.

The school received a $25,000 grant check for participation in the State Farm Celebrate My Drive Program. OA-BCIG collected about 30,000 pledges from community members to focus on safer driving when behind the wheel, outperforming more than 3,000 schools across the country. "The whole purpose of it is so that teens drive safely, and that's been a big issue here in this area. 

As far as the grant money, some will go to the school's driver's ed program. Miller says another portion will go to the fine arts program. "It's wonderful. It's going to allow us to do some things that we wouldn't otherwise be able to do, and it's a great tribute to what the kids did," Miller said.  

Common core math

Mrs. Freese's 1st grade math class students at BCIG Elementary School in Ida Grove, Iowa are doing more than just simple adding and subtracting. "You're going to learn various ways to add numbers to 20, and using various strategies in both world problems and solving equations,” said Rita Freese, 1st Grade math teacher at BCIG Elementary. 

It's Iowa's version of the Common Core, a set of teaching standards based on the national system and, it's putting kids on a more aggressive track when it comes to math. "I find that we're doing fractions a little quicker in 3rd grade. In 5th grade, we just take kids a little farther in what they're doing, get a little more algebraic stuff going on. There's definitely a lot more algebra being taught throughout the grade levels and filling in those gaps,” said Alan Henderson, BCIG Elementary School Principal. 

So why the new approach? In 2010, many states around the country adopted the Common Core Standards. Iowa blended its own set of standards into the curriculum to make the "Iowa Core.” "Each state had the opportunity to adjust 15 percent of the Common Core to meet the states, wishes, needs what they thought would be important for students to learn, so Iowa did agree to create that additional 15 percent,” sad Alicia Nelson, OABCIG Curriculum Director. 

The idea is to make sure students in the states are prepared for the real-world once that get out of school and that they're equipped to be competitive with their international counterparts, especially in subjects like math. That means the way your kids and grand kids are learning arithmetic, is a far cry from the way you probably did and that means parents are hitting the books, too. 
"The way we teach math is different than how I learned math. I have three children in school and well two in school, and I help them with homework and I sometimes have to really think about what they're trying to do,” said Nelson. 

*Watch the video in the link below to see how a math problem is done under the Iowa Core to see why students need to learn math this way.* 

"The students need to understand what they're doing, and how they're doing it. I've been teaching for a while now, and you get to the point where students can spit out and show you the algorithm but when you ask them how they did it, they can't,” said Katie McQuiston, BCIG 5th Grade math teacher.  For one 5th grader, it's all making sense. 

"When I was younger, I used to think why are we doing this? It doesn't seem very useful but now that I'm in 5th grade, there’s more of an understanding about it,” said Mary Mcarlson, BCIG 5th grader. So while there may not be a simple answer to every problem, teachers say, that's exactly how it should be. "The whole point of it is to create critical thinkers and independent thinkers to know that there might not always be a easily solution and it may not be a single step problem. They need to know things aren't always going to be easy,” said McQuiston. 

These struggles are preparing these students for not just the next test but the real world, as well. 



school song  

Let's stand and cheer, we'll show no fear. Our power and might is ever near.
Our Falcon pride, we will not hide as we bring victory to our side.
We'll do our best to stand the test. Until we win we'll never rest.

Come on all you Falcons, Fight! Fight! Fight! With all your might. (2nd time only: Go OA-BCIG)

Yell for the purple, yell for the silver, yell for the mighty black.
Our team is ready, ready to attack.
Cheer for the Falcons!
Cheer for the Falcons!
Falcons! Fight! Fight! Fight!
(Repeat Verse)


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