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Senior class of 2017 announcement
Cap and Gown Measurement: The cap and gown measurement for seniors will take place in the high school cafeteria on October 27 during the lunch period (11:30-12:40). In order to be included in the order for a cap and gown for commencement, seniors need to be measured for a cap and gown that day. If a student needs to be absent, arrangements need to be made with Mrs. Spetman in advance for this measurement. Additionally, students will have the OPTION to purchase an ADDITIONAL, decorative tassel at that time ONLY. The cost of cap and gown measurement is paid for by the class fund. However, the cost of the DECORATIVE tassel will be an additional $10. That can be paid for IN CASH ONLY on October 27 ONLY. The decorative tassel is not required, all students will get a tassel to keep with their cap for graduation, however, that tassel will not be decorative, it will be a standard tassel.

WELCOME TO the OA & BCIG Community School Districts      
Welcome to the Odebolt-Arthur & Battle Creek-Ida Grove Schools. We are proud to provide you with information regarding our schools and district. We are confident that as you visit our organization through these web pages that you will find OA&BCIG to be committed to providing students with outstanding educational programs in an exceptional environment.

OA & BCIG Schools are two districts involved in a Whole-Grade Sharing agreement with a total student population of approximately 1,000 students. The two districts share a high school that has all of the 9-12 grade students attending high school in Ida Grove and all of the two districts 6-8 grade students attending school in Odebolt. In addition, there are two PK-5 Elementary Schools, one in Ida Grove and one in Odebolt. The 259 square mile combined district area is comprised of four communities, home to over 6,000 citizens and is ideally suited to those interested in outdoor activities and rural community life. Home to several large manufacturers, our districts consists of small, rural communities in Northwest Iowa; an area rich in agricultural history and great natural beauty.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about our school districts. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

Welcome to our new staff

Row 1:  Tony Napierala (MS P.E.), Danielle Babcock (BCIG 2nd Grade), Megan Dooley (HS Guidance), Cristina Buse (HS Science), Kalin Butler (7-8th FCS/BCIG 3rd Grade)
Row 2:  Kaye Otto (HS Language Arts), Brookelyn Savoy (BCIG Kindergarten), Tess Mittag (HS Ag), Pippa Fineran (HS Instructional Strategist), Tyler Johnson (MS/HS Social Studies), Adam Mickelson (BCIG Elem/HS Spec. Ed.)


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school song  

Let's stand and cheer, we'll show no fear. Our power and might is ever near.
Our Falcon pride, we will not hide as we bring victory to our side.
We'll do our best to stand the test. Until we win we'll never rest.

Come on all you Falcons, Fight! Fight! Fight! With all your might. (2nd time only: Go OA-BCIG)

Yell for the purple, yell for the silver, yell for the mighty black.
Our team is ready, ready to attack.
Cheer for the Falcons!
Cheer for the Falcons!
Falcons! Fight! Fight! Fight!
(Repeat Verse)






BCIG Community School District
Mr. Terry Kenealy, Superintendent
900 John Montgomery Drive
Ida Grove, IA 51445
phone 712-364-3687
fax 712-364-3609


OA Community School District
Mr. Terry Kenealy, Superintendent
600 South Maple Street
Odebolt, IA  51458
phone 712-668-2289
fax 712-668-2631



OABCIG High School
Mr. Patrick Miller, Principal
900 John Montgomery Drive
Ida Grove, IA 51445
phone 712-364-3371
fax 712-364-4463



OA Elementary & OABCIG Middle School
Mr. Doug Mogensen, Principal
600 South Maple Street
Odebolt, IA  51458
phone 712-668-2827
fax 712-668-2631



BCIG Elementary School
Mr. Alan Henderson, Principal
403 Barnes Street
Ida Grove, IA 51445
phone 712-364-2360
fax 712-364-3103



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